I met Jenna & Colton when I was attending the University of Northern Colorado. We always kept in touch and I even was asked by Colton to be there when he proposed to Jenna. A few months later the wedding is all p[lanned and it was time for engagement photos for their save the dates. They knew downtown Denver was the landscape they wanted with engagement pictures as their wedding is in a more mountain setting. I thought Union station would be the perfect location for this.

Our session began on the rooftop adjacent to Union Station, where we enjoyed stunning views of the city skyline. Against this urban backdrop, we captured Jenna and Colton's love, freezing moments filled with laughter and joy. Moving from the rooftop, we ventured onto the surrounding streets, capturing images that showcased the energy and liveliness of the city. Busy roads, vibrant lights, and the couple walking hand-in-hand.

Inside Union Station, the impressive architecture provided an elegant setting for capturing Jenna and Colton's love. The intricate details, high ceilings, and timeless charm of the station added a touch of romance to their photographs. Additionally, at The Terminal, a bar within Union Station, Jenna and Colton enjoyed a quiet moment together. The warm and intimate ambiance created the perfect backdrop for capturing their love and the anticipation of their future.

To infuse their gallery with a sense of nostalgia and adventure, we ventured to the train tracks adjacent to Union Station. The passing trains added a touch of excitement to the images, highlighting Jenna and Colton's love within the industrial surroundings. On our way back to the rooftop, we paused outside Union Station to capture Jenna and Colton against the timeless backdrop. Finally, back on the rooftop we celebrated their engagement with champagne and a celebratory shotgun.