Colorado snow can be like no other, there can be days that are 20 degrees and you'll be standing in 2 feet of snow. This session was one of those days. What made this even more fun is that the couple came in for the weekend from Illinois! Jessica & Victor booked me for their June 2024 Chicago wedding last october, I instantly knew I would get along with them so well. When we met up for these chilly engagement photos we meshed perfectly and we were able to create some beautiful art. What was even more shocking is how Jessica made it through the hour long session in such a gorgeous but chilly dress! I cannot wait to travel to Chicago, Illinois in June 2024 to shoot their beautiful day!

This engagement session was done at Chautauqua park in Boulder, Colorado. Chautauqua park is great year around with gorgeous views of the mountains during all seasons. Even on a busy day like this one the park is large enough to be separated and get some amazing photos.

Photographer tip: If looking to shoot at Chautauqua park remember to get a permit through the OSMP website to protect all of the parks!