I drove alone to Rocky Mountain National Park, eager and responsible for capturing Joao and Shandy's proposal at Dream Lake. The early morning drive was dark, but I was filled with excitement. The cold air reminded me it was winter, so I bundled up in warm clothes. I entered the park's peaceful wilderness. The snow-covered peaks and tall trees created a beautiful scene for the special moment. I drove carefully, following the park's curving roads. Finally, I arrived at the starting point of the hike to Dream Lake. I gathered my camera gear and set off on the snowy trail. Each step filled me with anticipation. The trees sparkled with frost, adding to the magic.

As I approached the lake, I readied my equipment, ensuring I wouldn't miss a thing. Joao and Shandy appeared in the distance, their love was evident. They reached the lake and were captivated by the breathtaking view. With my camera ready, I discreetly captured their moment. Joao knelt down, pouring his love out to Shandy. The happiness in the air was palpable as I snapped the photos, preserving their love forever. After the proposal, I gave them a moment to cherish the joy, and then we spent the next hour hiking down and snapping some photos. The drive back was filled with satisfaction, knowing the photos would forever hold the magic of that day. Being part of Joao and Shandy's journey was an honor. Their love story against the backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park would forever be cherished in the photos we captured.