Planning an elopement can be stressful and seem frustrating, but with just a few different tips and tricks it can be a breeze! When you book a elopement or a wedding with me I offer planning services included! I have traveled throughout my home states Colorado and Washington, but also know so much more about other states and countries and how to plan the perfect elopement or micro wedding in all beautiful spaces!

Arguably the most important part in starting to plan for an elopement is picking what scenery and location you want. Once you know what background and environment you are looking for then you can narrow down options that have the specific scenery. Narrowing down options to a top three is always a good choice. When choosing the best location for you there can be a few important factors; cost, distance and permitting. Some locations in the united states and Colorado are actually free or extremely cheap to elope or get married in, many have small - moderate fees, few are expensive. National Parks are extremely popular locations for elopements and weddings under 50 people, most parks are only $300 to elope in!

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